Stellar Scholars

Foster School faculty rank among the top 15 in research productivity across every business discipline

The Foster School of Business is among the most influential research institutions in the world.

The Foster Faculty is ranked #12 in the world (#11 in the United States) for research productivity in the top 50 scholarly journals representing every business discipline, according to the 2023 Financial Times research index.

This research excellence is remarkably balanced across the organization. Each of Foster’s five academic departments currently rank in the top 15 of their respective disciplines for scholarly output.

Department of Information Systems and Operations Management

Ranked #4 in the world for research productivity over the past three years in the discipline of information systems by the Association for Information Systems.

Department of Accounting

Ranked #10 in the nation for research published in the accounting discipline’s top 12 journals over the past six years and #2 for its contributions to the field of financial accounting, according to the BYU Accounting Rankings.

Department of Marketing and International Business

Ranked #10 in the world for research productivity in the top four marketing journals over the past decade, according to an American Marketing Association index. Foster is #6 in the world over for its publication record over the past five years.

Department of Management and Organization

Ranked #12 in the nation for research productivity over the past five years in the discipline’s eight most influential journals, according to an annual index compiled by Texas A&M and the University of Georgia.

Department of Finance and Business Economics

Ranked #14 in the world in the ASU Finance Research Rankings for its 2022 publication record in the discipline’s top-five journals. Foster also was listed #13 in the world for its research productivity over the past decade.

Ed Kromer Managing Editor Foster School

Ed Kromer is the managing editor of Foster Business magazine. Over the past two decades, he has served as the school’s senior storyteller, writing about a wide array of people, programs, insights and innovations that power the Foster School community.