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Foster Business, established in 1978, is the official magazine of the University of Washington Foster School of Business. Stories are published continuously online and in a print issue that is mailed each December to more than 50,000 Foster alumni around the world.

Publication of Foster Business is made possible by proceeds from the Ivar Haglund Endowment. No state funds are used int its production.

To receive the annual print issue of Foster Business, please send your name, address and graduation date (if applicable) to [email protected]. Current students begin receiving the magazine automatically upon graduation, unless requested otherwise. Send address updates to [email protected]



Frank Hodge

Associate Dean for Advancement

Tahsin I. Alam

Director of Alumni Engagement

Andrew Krueger

Director of Marketing and Communications

Eric Nobis

Managing Editor

Ed Kromer


Kristin Anderson
Melissa Borges
David Fenigsohn
Paul Gibson
Matt Hagen
Andrew Krueger
Ann Kumasaka (a.k.a. design)

Regular contributors

Kristin Anderson

Kristin Anderson

Associate Director, Alumni Communications & Engagement, Foster School

Kristin Anderson is the associate director of alumni communications & engagement at Foster. After graduating from Boston University, she worked in broadcast news in Texas, Alaska and Seattle before joining the Foster School. Kristin enjoys running, camping, traveling and catching a movie at SIFF.

Ed Kromer

Managing Editor, Foster Business, Foster School

Ed Kromer is the managing editor of Foster Business magazine. Despite dropping business as a major at his midwestern alma mater after feeling uninspired by his intro courses, he has found endless fascination in the subject over nearly two decades at Foster.

Andrew Krueger

Senior Director, Alumni and Media Engagement, Foster School

Andrew Krueger is the senior director of alumni and media relations at the Foster School. Two truths and a lie. He is a direct descendant of Francis Scott Key. He is lactose intolerant. He celebrates Rare Disease Day.

Carolyn Marsh

Carolyn Marsh, Freelance Financial Writer

Carolyn Marsh is a freelance writer based in Washington, DC. She does corporate writing for financial firms and has been a contributor to Foster Business since 2015. A Midwesterner by origin, Carolyn nevertheless roots for the Huskies alongside her UW-alum husband.

Eric Nobis

Managing Director, Marketing and Communications, Foster School

Eric Nobis is managing director of marketing and communications at the Foster School. In his 25-year marketing career he has been a PR pitch man, brand consultant, ad copywriter and leader of marketing teams. Eric is also the executive director of Foster’s Center for Sales and Marketing Strategy.