We Wrote the Book On…

Foster School faculty drop knowledge on generations of management students the world over

Textbooks are not glamorous. But they are essential.

Their volumes contain multitudes of knowledge, delivered with miraculous cohesion and concision, a fundamental digest of the state-of-the-science in every subject area. In the supply chain of business education, textbooks are the conduit between research, teaching and practice.

But they don’t write themselves. That job falls to Foster School faculty, who have produced more than 20 textbooks currently in circulation. Their scope ranges from niche to genuine blockbuster. Charles Hill’s International Business, for instance, has reigned at #1 in its category for 25 years running and has been translated into 14 languages.

“To write a textbook, you must have a breadth of knowledge about the field,” says Xiao-Ping Chen, associate dean of academic affairs and author of two Chinese management texts. “The fact that we have so many authors at Foster demonstrates that our faculty have expertise far beyond their own area of research. And they are able to connect all of the cutting-edge theory and technique in their fields, and put it in a coherent framework to share with students around the world.”

In so doing, Foster scholars are multiplying their impact well beyond PACCAR and Dempsey Halls.

Here’s a selection of textbooks authored by Foster faculty:


  • Introduction to Management Accounting (16th edition) – Dave Burgstahler and Gary Sundem with Charles Horngren and Jeff Schatzberg
  • Financial Accounting (10th edition) – Frank Hodge with Robert Libby and Patricia Libby
  • Managerial Accounting (6th edition) – James Jiambalvo

Marketing and International Business

Finance and Business Economics

  • Fundamentals of Corporate Finance (4th edition) – Jarrad Harford with Jonathan Berk and Peter DeMarzo
  • Analysis for Financial Management (12th edition) – Jennifer Koski and Robert Higgins with Todd Mitton

Management and Organization

  • Full Range Leadership Development (2nd edition) – Bruce Avolio
  • Organizational Transformation – Bruce Avolio
  • Motivation and Work Behavior (7th edition) – Greg Bigley with Lyman Porter and Richard Steers
  • Human Relations – Greg Bigley with Lyman Porter
  • Empirical Methods in Organization and Management Research – Xiao-Ping Chen
  • Managing Across Cultures (3rd edition) – Xiao-Ping Chen
  • International Business (11th edition) – Charles Hill with Thomas Hult
  • Global Business Today (12th edition) – Charles Hill with Thomas Hult
  • Strategic Management (6th edition) – Charles Hill with Melissa Schilling and Gareth Jones
  • Metrics 2.0 – Ruth Huwe

Information Systems and Operations Management

  • Introduction to Management Science (6th edition) – Mark Hillier with Frederick Hillier
  • Project Management – Ted Klastorin
  • Practical Business Statistics (7th Edition) – Andrew Siegel
Ed Kromer Managing Editor Foster School

Ed Kromer is the managing editor of Foster Business magazine. Over the past two decades, he has served as the school’s senior storyteller, writing about a wide array people, programs, insights and innovations that power the Foster School community.