Courtesy UDub Minecraft

PACCAR in Pixels

Students imagine the Foster campus in Minecraft

During the COVID-19 student diaspora, some enterprising Huskies, loosely organized around the handle UDub Minecraft, have endeavored to create a scale replica of the UW campus—brick by virtual brick—in the blocky world of Microsoft’s blockbuster digital game.

Naturally, this online crowd-building includes some familiar architecture in the northeast quadrant of campus, namely cubist constructions of PACCAR, Dempsey and even dearly departed Mackenzie Hall.

Since its founding in March, the UDub Minecraft community has grown to more than 1,000 active members. Among them are untold numbers of Foster students and alumni, including Amy Zeng (“bean” in the Minecraft realm), an accounting and IS student, and XueRou Zu (“snow”), a marketing student, who serve on the financial planning team.

In these days of physical and social distance, they all seek some semblance of community in familiar places.

“We hope that those who participate in our project can find happiness and a sense of community,” says UDub Minecraft chair Mura Sana, “whether they are near or far from UW.”

Check out this UDub Minecraft campus tour:

Ed Kromer Managing Editor Foster School

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